Glennis Stout Biography

Glennis Stout Biography

About Glennis Stout

Glennis Mertz Stout was a renowned flutist, historian, adjudicator, and teacher.

Glennis Metz was born on September 11, 1921, in Wichita, Kansas to a musical household. Stout started flute lessons in ninth grade. Stout’s father cashed in a life insurance policy to buy her a new Haynes flute.

After graduating from Wichita North High School, Stout began working toward a degree in music education at the University of Wichita. She was an Eastman School of music graduate with a Bachelor of music performance in flute.

During her career, she had performed with New Orleans Symphony, Kansas City Philharmonic, Plymouth Orchestra, American Flute Orchestra, and the Chicago Lyric Opera. She was formerly the editor of the Flutist Quarterly and was a Fulbright Scholar teaching in Taiwan.

Glennis Stout had an impressive collection of antique flutes, amassed over 40 years, and has been credited with owning one of the most complete antique flute collections in the world. She would use them in lectures and demonstrations at more than 50 colleges and universities across the nation.

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