Flute Lessons

Private music lessons in flute, piccolo, alto, bass flute.

The Flute Studio

Suzuki Flute Lessons in Metro Detroit

Suzuki Method Flute Lessons

Donna Olkowski teaches flute lessons in the Suzuki Method, which focuses on playing by ear to allow students to develop technique, intonation, and enjoyment of playing music.

An essential component of the Suzuki Method is to create a positive environment for learning music and fostering character. During each flute lesson, students are guided through the essentials of good flute performance and engaging repertoire, along with a review of previous material in order to apply it to new music challenges. Each lesson plan is paced according to student needs, learning level, and performance goals.

Flute Studio Environment & Location

Experience the impact of music lessons for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced flutist. The Flute Studio offers private flute lessons in Metro Detroit, MI.

The studio is located in a separate music room outfitted for music lessons. Students and parents are invited to enjoy a comfortable studio environment and a swing overlooking the triangle patio garden. The Flute Studio is a focused experience complete with music stands, music education books, training resources, tuners, metronomes, a sound and recording system, and a piano for accompaniment.

Professional Flute Lessons in Michigan
Solo & Ensemble Coaching Music Student Duets

Ensemble & Recital Experiences

In addition to private flute lesson instruction, students are encouraged to demonstrate their proficiency by assuming leadership roles in school ensembles.

As a member of the Flute Studio, students are encouraged to prepare and perform pieces at the Flute Studio recitals and annual concerts. Students are also given the opportunity to volunteer for holiday performances at local community centers.  Students are encouraged to audition for music ensembles such the Dearborn Youth Symphony and the Dearborn Youth Symphony Intermediate Flute Choirs.

The Flute Community

Flute Workshop

As part of the Flute Studio engagements, Donna Olkowski invites an experienced clinician for a two-day intensive flute workshop. The workshop provides students with a unique opportunity to develop as musicians, engage with peers, and enjoy an intensive masterclass experience. Flute students and teachers practicing the Suzuki method are invited to attend the flute workshop as Suzuki Observation time. During the Flute Workshop, students are introduced to new perspectives from our talented clinicians. Each workshop includes the following experiences:

  • Individual lessons
  • Large group masterclasses
  • Soloist recital (participation limited)
  • Finale concert (all workshop participants)

Flute Associations



Flute Associations serve as a platform for students, amateurs, professionals, teachers, and flute lovers of all ages to connect. Associations arrange, coordinate, and involve members in a number of concerts, recitals, annual festivals, and masterclasses. As a member of the National Flute Association (NFA) and the Southeast Michigan Flute Association (SEMFA), Donna Olkowski will share upcoming events and association festival information with Flute Studio students.

Music Camps & Music Programs

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp  Interlochen Center for the Arts

Flute Studio students will learn about upcoming music camp programs in which they can live, learn, and perform with young musicians from all over the world. These experiences help students grow as musicians and artists. The Flute Studio helps to prepare students for the audition process and educate them about what to expect from music camp programs.