Clement Barone Biography

Clement Barone Biography

About Clement “Clem” Barone

Orchestral musician and teacher Clement J. Barone Jr. played piccolo in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Houston Symphony Orchestra for over forty years.

A native of Philadelphia, learned music from his flutist-father Clemente Barone. Subsequent teachers included Joseph La Monaca, Frank Versaci, Fernando Morrone, and the eminent William Kincaid, who recommended Barone for his first major orchestral position: piccolo and assistant first flute in the Houston Symphony Orchestra.While playing in Houston, Barone secured and refined his piccolo technique performing for conductors Efrem Kurtz, Sir Thomas Beecham, and Leopold Stokowski. In 1959 Barone moved to Detroit to play piccolo in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra through 1991.

He worked as a teacher for 16 years at the University of Michigan Music School; 37 years in the Wayne State Music Department, and two years at the University of Windsor, Canada.

“Play with destination, direction … give your best, respect the audience, the music and the people you are playing with.”

—Clement Barone

Clement Barone lived from December 7, 1921–August 28, 2004.

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