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The mission of Donna Olkowski’s Flute Studio is to give every student the best possible music education experience.

Donna Olkowski believes every student can learn. She respects and enriches the student and aims to help students perform by emphasizing their best traits. Donna Olkowski’s vision is that everyone will appreciate music at a higher level and become an asset to their future communities as a music supporter.

Flute Lessons

Experience the impact of music with flute lessons.

Donna Olkowski teaches private flute lessons in Metro Detroit, MI in the Suzuki Method, which focuses on playing by ear to allow students to develop technique, intonation, and enjoyment of playing music. As a member of the Flute Studio, learn more about how students are encouraged to prepare, engage, and perform.

  • Beginner Flute Lessons
  • Intermediate Flute Lessons
  • Advanced Flute Lessons
  • Suzuki Method Flute Lessons

Flute Choir

The Dearborn Youth Symphony (DYS) was formed in 1975 to provide young performers with symphonic ensemble experience and to foster interest in instrumental music.

As part of the Dearborn Youth Symphony Ensembles, Dearborn Youth Symphony Intermediate Flute Choir and Advanced Flute Choir are unique ensembles composed only of flutes. As the conductor of both choirs, Donna Olkowski manages the audition, music selection, rehearsal, and direction. This music performance blend provides the unique opportunity to focus on one instrument in an ensemble setting. Join us today!

  • Dearborn Youth Symphony Intermediate Flute Choir
  • Dearborn Youth Symphony Advanced Flute Choir


Music Education

The importance of music.

Donna Olkowski is committed to investing in music education as a vital part of society. Instrumental music education helps students acquire the skills of musical communication and the developmental means of successfully sharing ideas in society. Music is an expressive art that requires growth in physical, intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic areas. It contributes to success in school, intellect, and core life skills. If you have become interested in the importance of tailoring music education to the unique needs of the student, or need Suzuki Teacher Observation time, connect with Donna Olkowski to learn more.